Explorer Software Staffing Changes

Explorer Software is pleased to announce the following recent staff changes.

The first is that Sam Lacy has retired. We are grateful for the more than fifteen years that Sam has been with Explorer. He had advanced to the role of Director, Customer Service where he helped oversee the expansion of our customer service and support teams over the last several years. Sam has been a key and fundamental reason for Explorer Software’s success and has helped many customers in their successes too.

Next, Rosie Ball has accepted the position of Director, DevOps. This department will replace Special Projects and be responsible for program code enhancements, specialized programming, code modifications, and quality assurance of our flagship products. With her more than 19 years of experience with ERP construction software, Rosie is the perfect choice to help chart the future path for the development of our software.

Finally, Jeremy Baker will be stepping up to the position of Director, Customer Service. The Customer Service department will continue to focus and provide warranty services through ongoing customer service initiatives and will include our legacy products and IT teams as well as our front-line support teams. We have no doubt that Jeremy will use his knowledge and experience to represent the best customer service Explorer has to offer.

While we will miss Sam very much and everything he has brought to Explorer, we are eager to see the future possibilities Rosie and Jeremy will bring to our ongoing software improvements and dedication to customer service.