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What is a Document Management System and Why Does it Matter?

The volume of documents that every construction company is creating has been increasing dramatically in the last decade in an industry that is already known for generating loads of paperwork. Managing important business information coming in from so many sources can quickly get overwhelming. The costs of storing paper documents in old, bulky [...]

3 Tips for Using Project Management Software to Save you Time and Money

Why do your projects tend to run over budget or take too long to complete? Successful construction companies take project management seriously. As your company continues to grow, it becomes even more important to master effective project management techniques so you can ensure happy customers and maintain your profit margins. A meta-analysis of [...]

How to Choose Payroll Software for Your Construction Company

If paying your team involves a complicated system of spreadsheets and handwritten notes to the office staff, or more than one kind of software, then you probably need to be in the market for a new software that removes the need for extra work and makes your business easier to run. Why is [...]