Client: Olsson Roofing

Location: Chicago area and Northwestern Illinois

Business: Speciality Contractor

Olsson Roofing: Increased Accuracy and Efficiency

Olsson Roofing Company is the largest commerical roofing company in Illinois with more than 200 annual projects in the Midwest.  From its two locations, the company serves the wide Chicagoland area, including southern Wisconsin and western Indiana. The company has been a stalwart in the commercial construction industry for more than 100 years, specializing in the maintenance, installation, and repair of commercial and industrial roofing systems and architectural sheet metal. They work on a variety of projects, including new construction, re-roofing, and green roofing.

In 2010, the company started looking to replace their old accounting system.  “It wasn’t very flexible, so getting data out of our old system was painful. We used ODBC, but just could not extract the data we wanted. We relied on manually created spreadsheets to get the job done,” recalls Deanna Stadtler, General Accountant at Olsson Roofing.

“We decided to look for software that could easily expand with our business and be flexible enough to accommodate our changing needs. Having a system that supported both our production and service divisions was also crucial.” Ultimately, Olsson Roofing selected Explorer Software because it offered the power and flexibility they needed, at a price that made sense for the organization.

Today, the company uses Explorer Eclipse and Shafers to manage all aspects of their business, including Reporting, Service Management, and Project Management. They use a wide range of Explorer modules, which include the standard modules that many construction companies run, like Job Costing, Payroll, General Ledger, Purchasing, Project Management, Payroll, and Inventory; but they have also implemented Document Management, Human Resources, and Service Dispatch so that they could take full advantage of a fully customizable ERP solution.

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Deanna Stadtler, General Accountant, Olsson Roofing

“Using Eclipse has enabled me to be much more efficient and accurate! We can pull information from Eclipse in 2 minutes, where our old system might have taken 2 hours.”